Musical Blockchain

Messier 87 black hole Sonic Process z0238rt
The first Lithuanian NFT (2019)

In April 2019 Musical Blockchain team (led by Gleb Divov) conducted an art-science research using just published data from the Event Horizon Telescope as an input material and a source of inspiration for the multiawarded psychology-based Creative AI music composer / digital art creator Musical Blockchain.
Along with composed musical compositions and sound also there were created generative in-process visual snapshots of sonic analysis of a shadowed accretion disk of M87's supermassive behemoth shot by EHT.
Source of inspiration was processed using psychology-based Creative AI methods, modern practics and utilizing the power of modern GANs and CNNs.

One exclusive result (see the picture) was minted and published in the same April 2019.
By the timestamp and location, it is considered to be the First Lithuanian NFT.
First edition was collected and now in the collection of the OG NFT collector PicoTech since 2020.

Teletext version of this artwork minted with TeleNFT sold-out collection was included in the permanent collection of the modern art Museum Francisco Carolinum (AT) and Museum of Teletext Art (FI), becoming the first Lithuanian NFT ever to be added to the permanent collection of the real-world modern art museum.

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