Team Forestverse

Illegal logging
NFThon Kaunas 2022 winning team

Illegal logging is considered the most profitable of all environmental crimes. It accounts for up to 90% of tropical deforestation in some countries. As Marcus Pleyer – President of the Financial Action Task Force (FATF) said "…the impact of criminals looting the world’s resources need[s] to be an urgent priority…
Our planet is literally being robbed of a sustainable future".
Our idea for this artwork was to raise awareness of the illegal logging problem. The filming took place in the local Kleboniškis forest. The soundtrack was inspired by ultrasound that plants tend to emit when they're under stress.
One of the solutions to this problem lies in blockchain. Transparent, trustworthy, and efficient wood tracking can be done by using NFTs very effectively. By attaching the NFT to the log, companies and customers can simply verify the legitimacy of its origins and wood type.

Team Forestverse members:
Augustinas Jukna
Rūta Turskytė
Gabrielė Oržekauskaitė

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