Team Avocado Toast

Earth is the only place
NFThon Kaunas 2022 winning team

Once upon a time, Earth landed a humanoid with a big ego and greedy fingers. Humanoids live only 100 hundred years and wish to travel to the Solar Plexus system to see how other planets live. Humanoids want to see other planets because they did not understand that heaven is here - on Earth.
There are no alien planets to attend to. There is only time - NOW. Time for change begins with ourselves. If we wish to create a better place on our mother Earth. -There is no planet Saturn with better logistics. There are only individuals with simple needs, even childish ones. You are capable of implementing new solutions on Earth. Stop excusing yourself.
-There is no Artificial Intelligence that grows Avocados in Mercury. Avocados exist on Earth because it is a resource. Millennials make this Toast because they wish to live healthier. This is not about Eating avocado toast or buying coffee from the shop. This is about needs.
- There is no Garbage On the Sun Planet alternative. Take care of your trash here to let Earth's lungs breathe. All this confusion about consuming and blaming yourself - do not work. Take steps easy as a natural process.
-There is no Mills Reproducing Plastic on the Venus Planet. Responsibility to use less plastic - it is kinda an illusion. We are waiting for a visionaire to replace plastic with algae and 3D printing. There is no shame to wish, to take care of your living space. You can buy a donut in a plastic bag but after that, please respectfully put it in the bin, or your pocket.
-There is no Mother Earth making Avocado Toast. Recognize your needs to have a happy life.
-There is no Sustainable Agriculture on the planet Mars. You have power to create better solutions and still keep making money, pursue less greedy wishes, and start to search - how? Remember, you are not doing it for yourself. You always do it for somebody else.
-There is no Playground for Kids on the Moon Planet. Play with your kids and listen to them here on Earth, at this time is crucial.
-There is no Avocado Toast on Neptune Planet. The Millennial generation is not aliens that differ from the Boomer generation. If you are willing to put effort into understanding them, they will understand you.

Humanoids must remember that there is no other place to go to - Earth is the only place for them, and they must take care of it.

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