Rait Prääts

Face Detector
The first Cross-Baltic NFT (Lithuania+Estonia)
» https://knownorigin.io/gallery/542000

audioNFT + physical object - Physical sculpture, with its own AI-composed soundtrack and Augmented Reality layer.
- physical Face Detector sculpture, delivered worldwide
- special limited edition vinyl with AI-composed soundtrack (including full version of this audioNFT track)
- exclusive companion materials in a deluxe packaging

Estonian pioneer of the mixed-media concrete-made sculptures Rait Prääts and Lithuanian NFT/Cryptoart pioneer Gleb Divov dropping first cross-Baltic NFT/audioNFT series on the Ethereum blockchain — on KnownOrigin platform.

Presented at the physical level, concrete, tech and glass art (Prääts) is combined with a virtual layer of AI Soundtrack and Augmented Reality (Musical Blockchain/Divov).

This audioNFT features a special track, composed by Musical Blockchain, inspired by the 3d-scan data of the Face Detector sculpture.

Face Detector sculpture is a proud participant of the Tallinn Triennial of Applied Arts 2021, PÄRNU ART WEEK & IN GRAAFIKA FESTIVAL '21, Estonia; ArtVilnius '20, Lithuania.

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